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History and Background

The Claudia Jones Organisation, like a number of voluntary organisations, first started life in someone′s living room. In the late 70s, a group of progressive Caribbean women came together and formed themselves into what was then called the Hackney Black Women′s Group.

Their primary aim was to offer practical support to African Caribbean women and their children.

Our History

In 1982, the Claudia Jones Organisation was formally established. The name chosen is in recognition of the significant contribution to the lives of Black people in the Diaspora that was made by Claudia Jones, a Trinidadian and a political activist who in the 1940s fought for the civil rights of people. As a journalist, Claudia Jones contributed to establishing; the first West Indian Gazette in the UK, the Afro − Asian Times and what has now become the Notting Hill Carnival, now the largest Carnival in Europe

From its humble beginning, the Claudia Jones Organisation now operates from 103 Stoke Newington Road in the London Borough of Hackney and neighboring areas and continues to meet the challenges which present themselves, not just to the organisation but also to the community.

The Claudia Jones Organisation has over 35 years′ experience of supporting Women of African Caribbean heritage and their family for which we are well known. We have listened to and catered for the specific needs of our community who make up the majority of our work but not exclusively.

We continue to work to erode the structural and institutional barriers that limit women and their family′s ability to flourish.

The Claudia Jones Organisation champions Inspired Black Womanhood through advice, support and personal development services to facilitate social change and progress amongst the African Caribbean heritage community


The Claudia Jones Organisation, like a number of voluntary organisations,
first started life in someone’s living room. In the late 70s....


The Claudia Jones Organisation provision activities for:
Elders, Women, Families, Children, & All the Community



We aim to provide a holistic and therapeutic response to the multiple and intersecting (race, gender, class) issues affecting women

Every day, our values guide our conversations, decisions and interactions. We are about building relationships and resilience, empowerment, interdependence, Caribbean cultural awareness and history, responsibility. We demonstrate our values through our commitment to community legacy, diversity and integrity.

TARGET: £220,000 RAISED: £120,700

Our Causes

Providing services for women families and the African Caribbean heritage community.










A range of activities to meet a range of needs.

For Elders

  • Coffee morning − Mondays
  • Yoga − Wednesday
  • Massage − Wednesday

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For Women / Families

  • Mum and baby session
  • Book and storytelling
  • Family Board Games Activity − Saturday
  • Coffee morning − Thursday

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For All the Community

  • Black History Mth − Quiz & Social − Oct
  • Winter Social Event − Jan/Feb
  • International Women′s Day Event − Mar
  • Cancer Awareness Tea Party − Mar
  • Claudia Jones′ Birthday event − Feb
  • Children′s Christmas Party − Dec
  • Staff and Volunteer Christmas Lunch − Dec
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning − Sep
  • Windrush Activity − Jun

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Our Trustees - 2019

The Claudia Jones Trustees 2019

Janet Campbell

Claudia Phillips
Vice Chair

Esla Cathline

  • Majorie Samuels

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