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Now a reputable agency, full of the highest calibre geeks, who’s business was kick-started by an appearance on the BBC’s Be Your Own Boss – Was once just Ben and Sam, skint, frustrated, employed, but inspired & convinced there’s more to life!

App Developers - how it started polaroids

A lot changed. Ben Hogan & Sam Furr are The App Devs founders and have been best friends for ages. Through their love of technology and gaming have always been at the forefront of the industry, as consumers at least… Both worked full time for various big agencies and digital marketing companies, although sidelining in evenings and weekends making apps for fun! All the while dreaming of the perfect agency with them at the helm.

So when they both heard the same interview on BBC Radio with everyones favourite entrepreneur Richard Reed of Innocent Drinks, in which Richard was starting a journey across the next few months to find businesses and ideas to invest £1million in, a fire was lit inside them both and they entered the competition.

From a rumoured 42,000 that applied, some we’re called back, others discarded and cast aside for some seriously cool ideas and businesses. You see the competition entrants could be mates, a family, an idea, or an already operating business, it really didn’t matter. From a long wait, and some questionnaires and callbacks, The boys made it to the last 500. Where things started to get interesting.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS – THE TV SHOW, a hybrid of Dragons Den and The Apprentice.

App Developers - how it started


Stage 1 – The £100 Challenge

Make as much money as you can from £100… Sam & Ben stuck to what they’re good at, digital marketing, and apps! A brand was created, in less than 2 days a website was done, some data obtained, and emails sent. within 7 days, two sales of apps had been achieved to some big brands.

The whole thing had to be filmed and submitted in a 3 minute video.


Stage 2 – The Pitch

There was an exhibition in London, in which the 500 businesses had to pitch their idea to Richard Reed or one of his ‘expert panel’, and announce the results of the £100 challenge. Ben & Sam first pitched to Tim Campbell (Apprentice Winner) then to Richard Reed himself.


Stage 3 – The Shortlist

From the 500 entrants, only 50 made it to the shortlist. Where you had to submit your business plan, then head to London to talk to Richard again and see if you’ve made it to the final 18, and these were the ones the TV series would be about.

Sam & Ben made it through to the televised final! Although it wasn’t plain sailing… Initially Richard told the boys they were not through as frankly he believed they would do it themselves regardless after seeing what’s been achieved from £100 so far!

Sad and deflated, they left the meeting, made a pact with each other to not prove Richard wrong, and to do it anyway … So that afternoon they both quit their jobs, viewed an office to rent, and decided this was the start of The App Developers.

Here’s the twist – Richard actually called the guys back after 3 days and said some wonderful things, and invited the guys back into the competition as he wanted them on the show and couldn’t believe he didn’t put them through with the others… We quote: “I might be the guy who just passed up on the Beatles” – Richard Reed, after telling the boys their out the competition.


Stage 4 – Start The Business

So with a small seed capital of £3000 from Richard Reed, each finalist had to develop their business or idea, over 6 weeks whilst being filmed daily. With the end result being another meeting with Richard at the legendary Innocent HQ ‘Fruit Towers’ to see if you’re getting a slice of the £1m!

After seeing some highs and lows in those weeks, Sam & Ben pulled off a remarkable feat and managed to get orders of over £20k (not bad for a couple of geeks in a shoebox office!). So in the meeting with Richard, he decided not to invest in the boys (you’ll have to watch it to find out why, it’s worth it!), but offered himself as a non-exec director as he wanted to keep in touch. Richard has been true to his word!

12months on, the team is 10 man strong (and growing), and working with brands such as Carling, Walkers, Monarch Airlines, Slendertone and many more!

See the shortened version of the show here (yes, selfishly we cut the others out to only include the bits about the boys). Enjoy!

Meet some of the
geeks responsible for
making the magic!

Sam Furr
silver tongue
  • 01234 834 822

App Dev's Co-Founder & Trend Setter. I'm apparently responsible for running the business and talking (I'm good at it!). I'm a down to earth, hard working individual. Talk to me for anything business or app related.

Ben Hogan
AR Drone Pilot
  • 01234 834 822

App Devs Co-Founder. I am the the biggest geek in the company by a long shot, I am obsessed with technology and have been doing all things web & mobile for the last 17 years.

Aaron Humphreys
I'm only human!
  • 01234 834 822

I'm the lead User Experience and Interface designer for all the beautifully intuitive games and apps we produce. I'm a humble, good looking guy with a love for coffee and the odd vinyl toy or two. Talk to me for anything UX related.

Greg Lukosek
I Code Things
  • 01234 834 822

I'm an obsessive, perfectionist who speaks fluent binary, so on that note: 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100101 01110010

Jack Sheehan
I Organise Things
  • 01234 834 822

I'm known for my fast tongue, quick wit, incredibly long fingers, and my small white car. I'm the smartest dressed in the office and make sure the bills are paid and debts are settled on time, everytime...

Kostas Anton...
The Greek Geek
  • 01234 834 822

So what my name's too long to fit here. I'm the youngest in Geek Squad, but also the most intelligent. I'm told I have the development skills of 10 men. And yes, I carry the slick European intrigue you'd expect.

Tom Swindell
Black belt in dev
  • 01234 834 822

I'm the newboy, and the hardest. Fully trained ninja & games development specialist. Hit me up, and I'll hit you back! I love to make games, and arrive for work 2 hours early.

George Henderson
Never met bigfoot
  • 01234 834 822

I'm like Nier, understated, but frankly the best! I like Cheddar cheese, the colour orange, and I'm a PS3 kinda guy who proudly rocks an Android phone (the geeks here are all Apple!). Oh, and I do a bit of design stuff on some cool games & apps.

Tim Kendall
I Love Lamp
  • 01234 834 822

GTA V is my life, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. If I can project manage here as well as I can orchestrate a jewellery heist, then things are gonna be just fine! It's my business to know everything that goes on in the studio.

Rory McCrossan
KFC & Code = Heaven
  • 01234 834822

They call me the KFC King, I eat it a lot (other fast food chicken places are available). I also write apps, cross platform, why? Because I can, and because I'm gooooooood. Zinger Tower please..!

Ivan Wooll
The Godfather
  • 01234 834 822

The fastest Android developer in the west... or east, depending where you're asking from, so lets just say I'm fast. I speak fluid Java. I eat multiple screen resolution optimisation for breakfast.

Marcin Najman
Humbly brilliant
  • 01234 834 822

Native Android developer. Skilled, hardworking, talented, good footballer, funny, awesome, punctual, epic, and in some cases - Modest! If there's something needed on Android. I can do it.

Paul Davis
'80's Game Dev
  • 01234 834 822

I'm Paul, I speak too fast, overcomplicate things in my mind, but I never make mistakes. Life travels fast so I'm just trying to keep up. I'm a Cross Platform genius