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30 Day Fitness Challenges

Category: Mobile, Tablet

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Download one app, complete convenient daily exercises and get one lean body in 30 days!

30 Day Fitness Challenges will help you set and achieve your fitness goals – That’s got to be the best £1.99 you could ever spend, surely?

Best Mobile App Awards - 30 Day Fitness Challenges


30 Day Fitness Challenges approached us to completely redesign and rethink the whole user experience and UI from the ground up.

The predecessor was already a hugely successful iOS app, with over 70k active users it was imperative we offered current users a familiar experience in terms of content but we felt we needed to optimise every step to be intuitive enough to encourage new users to take the challenge and reward them for reaching milestones.

The result was a super slick multi-device tool that is as useful and encouraging as it is aesthetic.

Our goals and expectations:

  • Increasing retention rates of users
  • Introducing gamification elements based on above
  • Increasing user acquisition/sign ups
  • The relationship between current users and migrating their experience
  • How we can deliver the same content in a more intuitive manner
  • How users activate and setup reminders for challenges and exercises
  • How to best educate users of proper exercise methods
  • Consistent experiences across devices
  • Native Android UI for smartphones and tablets


Features at a glance:

  • 19 professionally designed fitness challenges
  • Multi-device challenges sync (iPhone – iPad etc)
  • New improved daily fitness challenge progress tracking
  • 30 day brief calendar view
  • New achievements/visual rewards
  • New share your progress via social media
  • Customisable daily reminders & notifications
  • Detailed exercise technique information and tutorials
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Social media sign in options

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