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Clumsy Fish

Category: Mobile, Tablet

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Flappy The Clumsy Fish – things just aren’t going swimmingly, help him survive!

After the success of our original Flying Bird 3D, we’re at it again but this time in beautiful 2D.


Flailing through the big ol’ blue comes Flappy The Clumsy Fish. This cute little Flappy under-dogfish will have you “Scaling” for your best score. Just flap his little fins and guide him through the dangers of the deep, it’s so simple it will drive you crazy! So take the bait and get hooked, you’ll have a “whale” of a time!

  • High score chaser
  • Very simple controls, just touch anywhere on the screen
  • Fun for all ages
  • Watch out for mines!
  • Do well and get a Crustacean Award!
  • Stunning artwork engages you instantly
  • An instant classic


Available now on Android. Coming soon to iOS (awaiting Apple to put it live).

Please note: No cute flappy fish was harmed during the making of this game.

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Clumsy Fish
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