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More Than Friends

Category: Mobile

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Facebook Matchmaking the simple way – no embarrassed faces involved!

Tell someone you’re interested, they only find out if they press they’re interested too!


Ever wanted to tell that one person you’re interested but never had the guts, always wanted to pass on your interest without the embarrassment of them saying ‘no’ … Well More Than Friends is the answer!

  • Anonymous – unless they indicate they like you
  • Sexual preference – search friends by gender
  • No false pretenses – send someone a hint
  • Match notification – the next step is all down to you


Really simple, super-intuitive and beautifully designed user interface. Basic features:

  • Swipe to login
  • Scroll and search your Facebook friends
  • Filter friends by gender
  • Register your interest with someone special
  • Send them a hint
  • Matches then appear on your dashboard
  • Push notifications when someone likes you
  • Delete matches or visit their Facebook profile

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