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Polla is a beautifully intuitive and fun community-based voting app for iOS.

Polla allows users to create, submit and share their own multiple choice polls as well as vote on a huge range of community polls.


We all love a good fun poll, who doesn’t! Polla however is no ordinary voting app, there’s no hidden marketing agenda – it’s all just for fun. You may want to find out about the most popular football teams, maybe discover what the most visited country in Europe is or what’s the most commonly eaten food?

Find out answers to such questions as ‘How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?’ – download the app and find out! Or you could just submit your own non-rhetorical question, either way.


Available exclusively on iOS! Basic features:

  • Featured polls with dynamic graphical stats
  • Create your own polls and submit to the community
  • Like, vote and view submissions via geolocation
  • Share polls on popular social media networks
  • Monitor how many likes, votes and views each poll receives
  • Search for specific polls that interest you
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Browse from 9 categories and growing!
  • View and manage your favourite polls

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