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We’re The App Developers. Put simply;  We love App Development!  The business started in the bedrooms of both Sam & Ben, who worked long and hard turning the dream into reality, and since launch have grown the business from 2 employees to 10 in less than 12 months.

Ok we had a little help from the BBC, who featured the first few months of The App Developers on a show called Be Your Own Boss, which was fronted by Innocent Drinks loveable Entrepreneur Richard Reed.

We’re geeks, we play MarioKart at lunch, Fifa before work and plaster the walls in the office with a 20 foot wide tribute to Mario.  The passion, personality and dedication we have to make sure every single project we work on is the best, started with the first app and will end with the last.  We’re perfectionists, and the team we have in-house equal our passion and belief in creating stunning, well developed, intuitive and innovative applications – for everyone!

We make apps for all devices and tablets, including desktop computers also.  If you’re looking for a bunch of tech-loving, passionate geeks, who are addicted to perfection on every level, then talk to us about your mobile application needs.
There are so many reasons why we’re the perfect partner to work with you, your business or your ideas to turn them into reality.  We have made sure to only select people who share the passion we need, everyday, to be the best.

We have all the skills in house to create, design, develop, model, illustrate, provide pre-launch marketing, and help come up with the additional ideas to make your mobile application a success!  Give us a call to experience yourself the ideas and passion we can bring to your idea.

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Julius Olatokunbo
Julius Olatokunbo
  • 0793 991 7168

Raiiiar.Com Co-Founder & Trend Setter. I'm apparently responsible for running the business and talking (I'm good at it!). I'm a down to earth, hard working individual. Talk to me for anything business or app related.

Mark Tsang
Ben Hogan
AR Drone Pilot
  • 01234 834 822

Raiiiar.Com Co-Founder. I am the the biggest geek in the company by a long shot, I am obsessed with technology and have been doing all things web & mobile for the last 17 years.